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Secret x Warrior Phantomirage!


Kokomi, Saki, and Yotsuba are three middle schoolers and friends who lead different lifestyles. One day, they meet Kumachi, a talking teddy bear fairy sent by her master Phandy to search for the wish-granting "Gyaku Jewels". Kumachi later chooses them to become Phantomirage, a Robin Hood styled phantom thieves of justice to acquire the Gyaku Jewels with the promise of granting their own wishes. The Phantomirage proceed in this by purifying people who are corrupted by the Reverse Police, a group of bad cops who turn those they arrest into evil polarized versions of themselves.

Rider Time - Kamen Rider Ryuki


A mysterious person restarts the Mirror World's Rider Battle, thus making Shinji Kido and other war participants regain their memories and transforming abilities. With the appearance of Another Ryuki, Sougo Tokiwa and Geiz Myokoin investigate this event, becoming involved in the war themselves...

Rider Time - Kamen Rider Shinobi


As a result of Oma Zi-O's destruction in the Day of Oma, Rentaro Kagura becomes Kamen Rider Shinobi in the future. When Sougo dreams of being in the New Year’s Day of 2022, Rentaro rescued him from a team of Stardust Ninja Dustards.Happy New Woz 2019 When Sworz came into 2022, he harvested the Shinobi Anotherwatch, removing Rentaro of his powers and the Dustards he was fighting against

Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!


The story begins when a mysterious girl named Rita gathers heroes from Super Sentai teams to the planet Nemesis. The heroes are told that any wish they desire will come true if they can win the “Super Sentai Greatest Battle” tournament. Once every 500 years, it is said that a universe spanning paranormal phenomenon called the "Moebius Connect" will occur during the turning point of an era, and indeed the Heisei Era is seemingly ending in 2019―― The Super Sentai have gathered and the "Super Sentai Strongest Battle" will be held.